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What is Daft Disco? – it's a passion project born during the ample extra hours of free time over the COVID years, wanting to channel my creative energy into something tangible, and ultimately share a bit more disco joy with the world. 

The start of it all were the eponymous Daft Disco helmets, inspired by Daft Punk's iconic helmets, and from there my repertoire has expanded to encompass a diverse array of offerings, including my signature shoulder pads and codpieces, the glamorous shutter shades, nipple tassels, collars, and more. 

Each of my creations starts with a 3D printed base, all my products apart from the original design of the helmets and masks, has been designed, modelled and printed by myself, with each item going through a few revisions until I'm happy with the final product. Yes, Daft Disco is a one-man show. Then depending on the product, a combination of mirror tiles, epoxy, padding, tassels and more get hand-crafted onto the base to create the sparkly wonders on offer. 

Keep up to date with my latest designs and releases and help spread the disco love by following @daftdisco on Instagram or Facebook

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