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Daft Punk X Disco Ball - Guy Standard Version (also available with lights!)


Each helmet is lovingly handcrafted using over 1600 mirror tiles to provide crowd-dazzling sparkle at any festival, fancy dress party, or occasion befitting of such glorious headwear


The interior of the helmet is lined with a soft, padded material that can be adjusted with Velcro to fit heads of different shapes and sizes.


As each helmet is handcrafted over a 3D printed shell reinforced with epoxy, there may be slight variations in detail from piece to piece. However, the accompanying images accurately represent what you can expect.. Additionally, the rubber edging and grouting between tiles helps to minimize sharp edges, but they cannot be entirely eliminated.


It is important to note that this is a fan-made homage disco ball helmet and is not affiliated with Daft Punk in any way.

Disco Ball Daft Punk Helmet - Guy Standard