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This set features two Daft Disco Daft Punk Disco Ball helmets in their standard editions: the Guy Standard edition and the Thomas Standard edition. (also availble with lights!)


Each helmet is handcrafted with over 1600 mirror tiles, ensuring a spectacular show-stopping sparkle at any festival, fancy dress party, or appropriate event.


The padded lining inside the helmet is secured with velcro, and can be adjusted to fit heads of different shapes and sizes.


As each helmet is carefully handcrafted over an epoxy strengthened 3D printed shell, there will be slight detail variations with each piece, but the pictures show an accurate representation of what to expect. Whilst rubber edging around the base and grouting between tiles helps minimise sharp edges, they cannot be eliminated completely


This is a fan-made homage disco ball helmet and is in no way affiliated with Daft Punk.

Disco Ball Daft Punk Helmet Standard Set