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The all new XL version of my Disco Ball Epaulettes/Shoulder Pads


These fabulous shoulder pads are the largest of my disco shoulder pads, and are available in silver, gold or rose gold, and made with over 1600 mirror tiles, which will make YOU the disco ball for any festival, party, or dancefloor!!


The elastic is threaded under each arm and tied in front or behind, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for people of different sizes, with the XL having an additional bit of elestic connecting the tops to help them stay on. The epaulettes themselves are also padded for added comfort, so you can wear them for hours without any discomfort.


Width of these is a whopping 34cm, to provide maximum sparkle, and each shoulder pad weights around 650g


They are made to order and only take a few days to make, so order now to get yours!

34cm XL Disco Shoulder Pads