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Daft Punk X Disco Ball - Guy Electric Version


A handcrafted helmet that combines the iconic style of the French duo with a stunning display of light and mirror. Each helmet is made with over 1600 mirror tiles, ensuring maximum sparkle and dazzle at any party, festival, or occasion.


The Electric version features two large LED bar fans on the sides of the visor and a mesmerizing heartbeat LED sequence in the ears. The LED fan lights cycle through 20 vibrant patterns, inspired by the original light-up helmets from the Discovery era.


The helmet also includes two 40mm fans located in the chin, which help with demisting and cooling. Powering the helmet requires a 2A 5V USB power bank (not included due to shipping restrictions, but easily available). Testing has shown that a 5000mAh power bank can power the lights for up to 9 hours and both the lights and fans for approximately 6.5 hours.


The padded lining in the helmet is adjustable, thanks to its velcro fixings, and can be customized to fit heads of different shapes and sizes.


Each helmet is handcrafted over an epoxy-strengthened 3D printed shell, with slight variations in detail from one piece to another. The pictures provide an accurate representation of what to expect. While rubber edging and grouting help minimize sharp edges, they cannot be entirely eliminated


Please note that this is a fan-made homage to the Disco Ball helmet and is not affiliated with Daft Punk in any way.

Disco Ball Daft Punk Helmet - Guy Electric

    • 1 x Daft Disco Guy Helmet (Electric)
    • 1 x Helmet bag
    • 1 x USB extension cable
    • Over 1600 mirror tiles
    • LED Fans behind visor, providing stunning lightshow
    • 2 x 30mm fans, for demisting and cooling
    • Adjustable padding for fit and comfort
    • Comes with protective helmet bag