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Disco Doom!!!


Inspired by the iconic MF Doom and reminiscent of the Gladiator mask from the film of the same name, this mesmerizing disco mask is a true showstopper. With an impressive array of approximately 400 gleaming mirror tiles, it will turn heads and brighten up any event or gathering that could use a touch of sparkle.


Crafted with care, the epoxy-strengthened 3D printed mask is lined with soft felt for added comfort. A leather strap with a velcro closure ensures easy and secure wear.


Please note that this is a fan-made tribute and is not officially affiliated with the late, great MF Doom.

Disco Doom - MF Doom / Gladiator X Disco Ball Mask

    • Available in Silver, Gold and Rose Gold
    • Made with over 400 Mirror Tiles
    • Held on with leather strap